Navratri – A dream of nine days

BACKGROUND: The prominent story associated with Navratri is the battle that took place between Goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura, who represents egotism. All the nine days of the festival are dedicated to each distinct avatar of the goddess. As I take a walk down the lane I see several foreheads with the tinch of […]

Turmoil in the Ocean

#cutemessindites The zenith of possibilities I realised none Harbouring the capabilities I now dare to be the one. In solitude, I scream for unspoken Tell me please how to calm this turmoil in the Ocean. What did I in the journey gain? Or did I happen to lose? I can tell you fancy, I can […]

Certainty for Eternity

You may make me fall out of sight Forgetting me will be a tough fight I’ve now started to believe; so fondly people decieve. When someday my name be taken Time and again your conscience would awaken Then there be a haze infront of eyes You will be petrified when asked about your bitter tale […]

Happiness |Crumbling

Happiness is : when your family especially your father, proudly announces, “My daughter works in an MNC and is an enrolled Advocate in Bar Council of Delhi.” Meanwhile Crumbling is: when the prodigal daughter does not remember any single piece of law.


Ek choti si guzarish unki…Ki kahein hum baat apne dil ki. Aaghaaz hua kuch yun…Humne pucha unse kyun…Samajh jao meri khamoshiMohabbat ko zarurat nahi alfazon ki…Ek choti si guzarish unki…Ki kahein hum baat apne dil ki. Koshishey hui naakam kuch is qadarSamajhne samjhaaney mein guzri ek umar…Kahein kya ki kami rahi kiski….Ek choti si guzarish […]

Life…. Through a beguiling prism!!!!

Time: 3.45 a.m.While I was struggling hard to stockpile some sleep, the gross insomniac in me kept me stirred. So, I immediately picked up my phone and began putting my fingers at use….you know on the keypad of the phone. (Pun intended!!!)Even before I could wrap up the threads of my next blog; I surprisingly […]


Image courtesy: Instagram: Colour_splash14 When skies are grey and you find no way,Keep smiling through just like you always doTill the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away…. To everything there is a season, A time to every purposeunder the heavenSo just walk the aisle, with a smileTill the blue skies drive the dark […]

“Small Town Girl”

Yeah…. This was the title she got long back during her school good luck party…!!!And ever since she wondered as to why the hell she got this….Probably just because her dad was posted in not so urban area and she had to go school from that place. Days passed by and years rolled on…for righteously […]

… That lost Alphabet

For people may always come and go None, but for yourself a life you owe. Oh boy, she is a fire not afraid to burn One day you’ll stand gasping, while she becomes the Sun. Turn up your blaze and never make it low Rise and shine, be the glow. For people may always come […]