A Midnight with a candle over an apple

Year of 2019|Midnight Celebrations Streets were silent. Lights were dim. I was waiting in my balcony on the marble rim. I reminisce it was the day of our fast A day, which I never wanted to last. Never before my heart felt so delight Oh it was a moment with moon shining bright. 12’o clock […]

An unposted letter….

To,The Dearest oneSomewhere in the Parallel WorldDate: EverydayDear Dearest one, I’m sure this will find you well. And why not? Perhaps that’s the reason you left! Too early to be true. How am I? Main thik hu… I’m doing well. Really well. Han woh baat aur hai ke roz raat ko pillow Mein chupkr ansu […]

We shall overcome…!!!

A life I saw from the view so rear. Flesh covered and heart with fear. A moment ago, everything just seemed so right. But now it’s a battle of breath we fight. We’ve just begun to cope from the last year’s wrath. Just then comes a wave of aftermath! United are we from our own […]

“Rain of Love”

Jisse miley usko mehka de, woh aise pushpon ki dali hai Dilli se nahin hai, phir bhi badi Dil-wali hai. Ekjut hui sabhi takatein use todney ko, phir bhi Woh shikhar, yuun kahan tootney wali hai. Uske chehre par toh hansi hai magar, dil mein sannata hai. Duniya k taur-taurikon mein usey dhalna aata hai. […]


Ho har bar hathon mein jaam, zaruri to nahin Madhoshi k liye, maikhana zaruri nahin. A jee le zindagi ek lamhe mein Ek umra guzarna zaruri to nahin!!! Hai jo mujme dafn mere jazbaat Wo unkahi, adhuri si ek baat A karein guftgu khamoshiyon se Ki haal-e-dil bayan alfazon se ho, aisa zaruri to nahin. […]

Life is but an empty Dream!

A day so bright, I fell for those sparkling eyes. With my might, I kept answering if’s, but’s and all the why’s!!! We never really knew each other. Only to find out there couldn’t be like you another. A pretty heart with a dimpled smile. For you I travelled all the while. A love so […]

Hiya!!! Long time no see…

Yeah yeah…. I know it seems like ages that i wrote my last blog…. But who cares when you age like a wine. Cheers🥂 Hell yeah…. Last 4 months my heart has been on a roller coaster ride!!! (But wait… when it isn’t? 🤔) To begin with…. 1- Post Diwali after being sooooooo homesick I […]

Pandemicaly Patakha Diwali

What could possibly be the more perplexed start of the festival than people blowing patakhas despite the ban and fine with imprisonment? Lemme start answering that for you. A- One of your best friends giving you the assignment to write a speech for him on the occasion of Children’s Day which, apparently, his senior had […]

Janta ki Farmaish par

Arz kiya hai, zara gaur farmaiyega… “Ishq Ka dastur hi kuch aisa hai Tujhe pakar bhi khone sa hai Hai thik waisa hi jaise Sardi k bina is Dilli m kohra hai. -“Dilli Pradushan” Lo phir a gayi unki Yaad… Guzre hi the kuch lamhe, ek arse baad Kharch karwa k Humse, kar gayi barbad […]

The Beloved Fossil Planet

A Warm Welcome Waiting on the bridge, past the barracks, town and ridge. A celebration of togetherness, a blissful happiness. A night, with crimson moonlight. Mr. Fossil aka Moon has fascinated and charmed the poets and the lovers alike. Poets have turned into lovers and lovers have turned into poets because of its beauty. (Perhaps […]