Random Ramblings – 1

Ek Ladki thi deewani si… Ek ladke pe woh marti thi… Nazren utha ke, himmat se Galiyon se guzarti thi Bekhauf, bebaak, blog posts likha karti thi. Kuch kehna tha shayad usko Par kisi se nahi darti thi! Jab bhi milti thi usse, bataya karti thi…. “”Pyaar aise hota hai, Yeh Pyaar aise hota hai…!!!” […]

The Canvas of Life

“The Soul becomes dyed with the colour of it’s Thoughts” ~ Marcus Aurelius Just as the human emotions that make up life…. some colours stand out, some blend with others to give different shades, some leave a permanent mark while some get covered with other colours. But… If ever there was a colour capable of […]

✨🌟✨The Silver Speckled Night✨🌟✨

As I gaze the silver speckled night, I see a life, trying with all its might!!! Even in the darkest time, no darkness can put out…. Love, laughter and celebration … This life is all about!!! When your innocence and peace depart… Seed these words deep down into your heart. “Only in the darkest hour, […]

New Beginnings….

Often did I wait for that one chance. Holding onto yesterday in a trance. But little did I realise. Not glad but it made me wise.                     That endings are the new beginnings. And finding True self is a heap of winnings!!!! I no more wait for a perfect season. To fall in love my […]


#Goodvibesonly – Home is where your Family is and ain’t no place like Home! But having survived the hostel years and some “being on your own” years for more than a decade now… I eventually found “MY HAPPY PLACE” ….A place like Home but away from Home….. A place where…. I can vibe with myself, […]

Bitches- Beaches Please!!!

As I attempt to write this… the first thought that boggles my mind is- “WHY is Female Freindship soooo underrated???🤔 Or should I say…” WHY do Boys have all the fun???” 😜 I know our dear @priyankachopra, @katrinakaif and @aliabhatt have already announced their film… But why did we run late from the “Sex and […]

A Midnight with a candle over an apple

Year of 2019|Midnight Celebrations Streets were silent. Lights were dim. I was waiting in my balcony on the marble rim. I reminisce it was the day of our fast A day, which I never wanted to last. Never before my heart felt so delight Oh it was a moment with moon shining bright. 12’o clock […]

An unposted letter….

To,The Dearest oneSomewhere in the Parallel WorldDate: EverydayDear Dearest one, I’m sure this will find you well. And why not? Perhaps that’s the reason you left! Too early to be true. How am I? Main thik hu… I’m doing well. Really well. Han woh baat aur hai ke roz raat ko pillow Mein chupkr ansu […]

We shall overcome…!!!

A life I saw from the view so rear. Flesh covered and heart with fear. A moment ago, everything just seemed so right. But now it’s a battle of breath we fight. We’ve just begun to cope from the last year’s wrath. Just then comes a wave of aftermath! United are we from our own […]